New texts written by members of Empire Institute:

Axioms of Empire           by Scott Stelle (New Version Nov 2004 - MS WORD)

several articles                 by Horacio Saavedra (PDF in Spanisch)

     (on geopolitics, history, sociology, and globalization)


Where we have started in 2002 (DAI Tübingen)


Since November 2005 we have a monthly discussion group at the DAZ (Deutsch Amerikanisches Zentrum James- F-.-Burnes-Institut e.V.)


Websites about the American Empire:           launched by Metropolitan Books


Websites of general interest:                               Cultural Institute of North America                         “a regular antidote to the mainstream media”

Shadow University                                           a really scaring book on academic freedom in the US

Theocrazy Watch                                           Are theos crazy?



Websites maintained by members of the Empire Study Group:

Berkemer Strategy Consulting               Rainer’s Freelancer Company (currently in German)

Delphi Consult                                       platform for Strategy Consulting (currently in German)                                 Esfandiar: Philosophical Essays (Persian & German)